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Lot 59 & 60B Millfield Road – BEAUTIFUL SPOT!

Grand View Cliffs, The Mount, St. George, Barbados
Land area: 19,698 sq. ft.

For Sale $398,000.00 BBD

The Mount, St. George is a beautiful neighbourhood with many lovely, architecturally designed homes.

Lot 59 and 60B is a large residential, corner plot, of land located on Millfield Road.

St. George is close to several amenities which are just a short drive away, the nearest being several amenities in the Haggatt Hall/Wildey area where you have numerous banks, restaurants, shopping etc.


The approach to the land does not go past any ‘boys on the block’ neighbourhoods, so single people can drive there comfortably;

Being part of a development helps protect the value of the land (no car repair opening as your neighbour);


The water course – plans were to celebrate the nature aspect of the water course, which you do not normally get within a housing development; the downstairs patio was to be blended into the water course area of the land with a nature path, benches and hammocks.  The ideas are endless!


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