Barbados…is a truly beautiful island on which to live and visit alike. Feeling constantly blessed that I was lucky enough to have been born and raised on this wonderful little island, I would therefore like to take a moment of your time to share a few facts about Barbados…my home.

Barbados is 166 square miles of tropical island paradise. Teardrop shaped at 21 miles long by 14 wide and located a little over 100 miles east of the Windward Islands & The Caribbean Sea, the island sits surrounded on all sides by the myriad blue, crystal clear waters of the North Atlantic Ocean, where it is serviced year-round by the cooling Tradewinds. This fact, combined with the hours of glorious sunshine we experience, means Barbados relaxes to an annual average temperature of 27 degrees Celsius/80 degrees Fahrenheit.

The island is divided into 11 parishes, 9 with coastlines, 2 without and 1 lucky parish enjoying access to both East and West coasts.

Having achieved full independence from the United Kingdom in 1966, this proud island nation has successfully maintained a strong and stable democratic government (it being the 3rd oldest parliamentary democracy in the world), and alongside this an equally strong and fair legal system.  Add to this an education system that can boast a literacy rate of 99.7% and a health care system that is the envy of the Caribbean, and it becomes abundantly clear that Barbados has the infrastructure in place to fully compliment it’s bountiful natural attributes.

Facilities in education include… The University of The West Indies (UWI) Barbados, The Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic and numerous private and state sponsored schools catering for all ages, and in healthcare… The Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH), our premier government health facility and the private hospital Bayview, both of which cater to Barbadians and visitors alike.  (Incidentally, The Barbados Fertility Centre offers one of the highest success rates in the world today to couples both locally and internationally!).

Boasting some 70 miles of breathtakingly beautiful beaches, with ‘pinky’ white, almost ‘talc’ like sand on the South and West coasts to the more coarse, grainy sands of the beaches that adorn the rugged East coast, the island’s rich and varied waterfront offers something for everyone.  For those of a more energetic disposition, the beach and watersport activities are seemingly endless.  From water-skiing, surfing (board, kite & wind), snorkeling, diving; with or without turtles…to deep sea game fishing and cruises on the various catamarans that ply their trade up, down & around Barbados’ picturesque coastline.  But for those that yearn for peace, quiet and a good helping of solitude just to soak up the sun, feel the Trade winds and/or walk the miles…Barbados’ plentiful beaches and rich interior provide for this too.

Furthermore, other activities on the island include but are not limited to – Cricket, Golf, Horse Racing, Polo, Hiking and Rallying to name but a few…and then of course there’s Barbados’ abundant nightlife to consider!  From the numerous local rum shops, bars and nightclubs dotted about the island, to the casual & fine dining experiences offered at the many restaurants we have.  Surely there is something for everyone on this little corner of paradise?

So…For short term or long, those that wish to come live to those that are just wishing to ‘drop by’, please be my guest…come… “Experience…the Splendour of Island Living”.

Allison Maynard
Foul Bay Beach, St. Philip, Barbados Beautiful green turtle, West coast, Barbados Sunset from Worthing Beach, Barbados Spiralled Coconut Tree, East coast, Barbados East coast of Barbados Worthing Beach, Christ Church, Barbados Flying Fish, Barbados The Barbados Green Monkey Swimming with the turtles on the West coast of Barbados Barbados Green Turtle